Monday, 20 October 2014

Pink Homewares

Last week I happened to visit quite a number of homeware stores both here in Newcastle and Sydney and I couldn't help but notice a lot of pink. 

Maybe pink doesn't just belong in little girls bedrooms?


Friday, 17 October 2014

Screen doors

I'm in the process of getting quotes for a screen door for the front of our house. 

Images like these take me back to the old days when I could hear that old, wooden screen door slam shut on our back verandah!

With so many choices on the market, it's hard to decide whether to go plain or decorative. 

I'd love to be able to afford a wrought iron design but at four times the cost that is out of the question!!

My husband wants crime mesh and security locks which is going to limit the choices, so I'm going to have get creative.

I love the simplicity of this one and yet it appears very strong and secure.

Our home's facade is quite simple and so I eventually want a pathway leading down to the front steps to create some impact to the front entryway.

Our front door is not a standard size and is quite large and this I love the look of. Its especially handy when you need to carry large pieces of furniture into the house.

The railings on the steps should tie in with the screen door... I think?!? 

In this front yard transformation I have to start somewhere, so I guess the screen door is the place to begin!

Wish me luck!

G. x 

Thursday, 16 October 2014

This weeks mini project

While I'm on leave, I always like to squeeze in a small project or two around the house. I call it my "therapy". 
This week I recycled a small table I bought from Life line for just thirty dollars.

Forty years or so ago, mum would have bought something like this to match her teak, Chiswell dining room suite and back then it would have been a costly purchase! 

It took me just two hours of 'flow time' to rid the surface of its glossy red stain with a Bosch sander. With some everyday weathering  it should grey fairly quickly and fit in perfectly with my old day bed. 

As a corner table on my deck, it will be perfect for drinks and housing all my magazines.

Not a bad investment for just thirty dollars! What do you think?


Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Bathroom Update

Last week I wrote a post about my search for a large round mirror for my Bathroom. I glimpsed a similar mirror in a store featured on the Block Glasshouse, but didn't catch the store name. Luckily Trish from Dream House Decor was on the ball and she was able to tell me the shop featured on the program and kindly sent me the link. Meanwhile KL from Eternalicons sent me a link to her bathroom where she has used a gorgeous round mirror over her vanity. 
Both KL and Trish suggest I have the mirror custom made as this will probably end up being a cheaper option and I can have the mirror made to the exact size I need. 

While I mull over these suggestions I've been thinking about the vanity for underneath. I have only room for a 1200 wide vanity and I'd like it to be timber (I think). 
Here are some ideas:
This is nice and I like the idea of a shelf for extra towels etc.

A streamline, simple look.

Could be a little too rustic for my place, but I do like the idea of using reclaimed timber.

Perhaps my favourite idea would be to have one made by Mark Tuckey. I've no idea what something like this would cost, but it looks amazing. 
Another gorgeous vanity from Mark Tuckey


*Read my post Vanity Perfection 

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Beauty Point

One of my favourite spots in Tasmania has to be a place called Beauty Point, which is just north of Launceston, on the Tamar River. It was here that my husband and I found the most gorgeous B&B owned by Barbara and Collin Atkinson. 


The township of Beauty Point was originally established as the first deep water port on the Tamar River, designed to service the nearby gold mining town of Beaconsfield and it was once the largest town in Tasmania! The property titled "Lamona", was built 120 years ago and was originally owned by Thomas Haslam. 


In the early 1900's, the homestead was originally surrounded by one of the largest apple orchards at a time when Beauty Point shipped apples all over the world. 

Barbara and Collin bought the property three years ago after retiring from their farm in central western NSW and now run a gorgeous bed and breakfast from out of the property. 


Beauty Point Cottages are gorgeous, self contained retreats with stunning river views, and the accommodation is wrapped in a garland of shrubs, hedges and native trees. 


Barbara and Collin provide a relaxing, picturesque retreat that allows one to appreciate the natural surroundings in privacy and comfort. The breakfasts are delicious and consist of wholesome produce grown in and around the local area and we welcomed the delicate homemade treats of shortbread and fudge on our arrival.


Voted as one of the top Bed and Breakfasts by Trip Advisor in 2014, I would highly recommend Beauty Point Cottages as a preferred place to stay, if you are ever in this part of Tassie.


A happy traveller!

Monday, 13 October 2014

Architect, Zoe Chan

Today I'm looking inside the home of London Architect, Zoe Chan. Zoe Chan is the founder, entrepreneur and lead designer behind Atelier ChanChan.

I'm always curious to see inside the homes of architects and designers. This home has been photographed by Michael Sinclair.

I love the simple colour palette and timeless quality of this home. 

Do you like it?
What is you favourite room?


*Images from here and here

PS: Today is the first exam for the HSC here in NSW, good luck to all the students and their parents.

Friday, 10 October 2014

The Apartment Copenhagen

This space in Copenhagen has been described as “warm Minimalism” and I have to agree.  The London-based designer llse Crawford has moved her office to Copenhagen and taken up residency at The Apartment, a gallery founded by former Sotherby’s specialist Tina Seidenfaden Busck.


*All images from here

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