Thursday, 10 November 2011

Vintage Mannequin

Ever since I can remember I have wanted to own a vintage dressmakers mannequin. But I could never find one that was quite right for me.

Searching on the Internet and in shops I could never quite find the one I loved.That was until I managed to source an authentic Stockman Haute Couture Mannequin from Paris made in 1949, it even included the name of the french lady the mannequin was made for, a Nicole Guilmard.

When she arrived it looked like I was receiving a dead body in the post! She was in good condition, the only thing I changed was I painted the pine pole black, which I think looks better.
So now this beautiful  mannequin takes pride of place in my bedroom and I constantly change her to fit the season and my mood. Check out the photos.

BTW the faux fur shrug is from Queenspark, pearl necklace from Mimco and the faux fur bag from Forever New.

Although with this hot weather I think it's time I gave her a bright summer look!!

        From Something Gorgeous  


  1. I studied fashion design so I have wanted one since I was 18. Lucky you - I am so jealous!

  2. Oh my! That is lovely! Are you able to share where you got it from?

  3. What a great find - LOVE! K xx

  4. Lucky girl T. It must be fun to dress the mannequin and experiment with styles.


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