Thursday, 7 June 2012

House of Elliott

You may remember me visiting a new home ware store in Newcastle called the House of Elliott. I took another peak inside and fell in with loved this piece.

 Its just over two metres long and not too deep. 
I just love the turquoise doors for a shot of colour. I could just see this in my family room or even my corridor. Isn't it gorgeous? 

This restored, antique original will be snapped up by some lucky person for just $2200! 
I've had my splurge in this shop recently, so that lucky person will not be me...sadly!!

From G.x


  1. Hi! I found you via PinkPatentMaryJanes and The Novocastrian Files :) I just wanted to say that I always walk past House of Elliot and am always so tempted to go in but scared that my poor uni student butt will get laughed right out again!! lol will just have to man up and take a look it's so inviting from the street!

    1. Go in, you won't be disappointed. So glad you found us, make sure you enter our giveaway…could be handy for a uni student! xT

  2. Its absolutely amazing in there! I want everything!

  3. Where is it????? I have sheard so much about it, but can find no details of it online :(

    Thank you....

    1. It's around the corner from Villa Clone. I think the street is Wolfe Street and House of Elliott is on the left hand side heading towards Hunter Street. Hope this helps .xToni

  4. 14 Perkins Street Newcastle. Directly opposite the delivery entrance to the old David Jones. : )
    My favourite place to visit. I just love this shop.


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