Friday, 3 August 2012

Beach Huts

I hope I'm not boring you with my holiday memories, but we had such a lovely time it's hard to come back to normality. Especially with the Olympics constantly reminding us  that we should have stayed a little longer! 

One of my enduring memories of Brighton UK will be the little beach huts scattered along the seaside.

Each day families would come and sit out the front of their hut and set up a picnic and relax. Being the school holidays, families were everywhere in this sea side town enjoying everything this wonderful place has to offer.



  1. Not bored at all..keep the holiday pics coming.
    Those little beach houses remind me of Sorrento in Victoria.

  2. I love the beach huts - they are so colourful - I would go mad with my camera!


  3. These are truly gorgeous! Looks a bit brisk there for the middle of Summer though! G.x

  4. Love hearing about your holiday Toni. Next time you come to Melbourne you should visit the bayside suburb of Brighton it's very close to where I live.
    There are the very same bathing boxes they are all painted in the same bright colours and heritage listed
    built at the turn of the century. Id love to show them to you
    Barb xx

    1. Thanks Barb, I think a trip to Melbourne is waaaayyy overdue. xToni


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