Friday, 30 November 2012


I have finally made a decision on the lighting for my lounge room. I'm buying the Marcel Wanders Sky Garden lamp (replica of course) in white. I think they have a contemporary feel on the outside but a touch of a vintage from the inside and because my home is neither modern nor old world but something in between, they should be perfect.

I really like the gold and black designs as well.

But for my home, I've settled on the white ones.

The only huge disappointment is that Matt Blatt have run out of stock and I won't receive my delivery until mid January. 

I'll just have to draw on my ever diminishing reserves of patience until after Christmas!!



  1. I happened to photograph this exact light at a shoot on Wednesday - it's lovely. If you have no luck at Matt Black you could try Hive in Fremantle, WA.

  2. These were my No 1 choice for our place too, then I got 'cold feet' and allowed for downlights only. Am thinking of getting hubby to install last minute blocking....did you go to Matt Blatt and look at their lights? Am iterested in your comments on quality...
    x KL

  3. Great choice I love them! Have a Beautiful weekend xx

  4. Just last week I made a purchase in the 60cm size at'SOKOL'Furniture online for $440+ postage. Liilli x


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