Friday, 14 December 2012

The White Company

When I was in the Uk earlier this year I couldn't wait to visit The White Company store. From beautiful luxurious linen to gorgeous homewares and clothing The White Company is stocked with beautiful understated pieces. Even it's Christmas decorations are chic. It's probably too late to order anything from the UK now and expect delivery before Christmas, but it's always nice to look and drool over what could have been.

Belgian Washed Linen Corded Napkins

Comport Style Dessert Dishes

Stoneware heart plates

Hand made sauceboat and Ladle

Glass Spun Heart Decoration



  1. Yes, it seems that whomever their buyers are, they have absolutely exquisite taste. I think there isn't one single item of theirs that I don't care for - and apart from Anthropologie it's hard to find a store which measures up to that description!!

    Hope you are enjoying the Christmas season so far. How it is going so fast is beyond me this year!! xx

    1. Anthropologie and The Company White are two stores I wish we had in Australia, both amazing. I can't believe it's almost Christmas, finding it hard to find my Chrissy spirit this year. Hope things are going well for you. xT

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  3. Christmas spirit has eluded me this year Toni. maybe it will arrive at easter? gorgeous decorations...perhaps that's what's missing; a sense of something new, different, exciting?
    x kl

    1. I think it's been hard getting in the Chrissy mood this year, it seems to have come around very quickly and I don't feel ready. 9 days to go, so perhaps that Christmas feeling still has time to come? Cheers Toni x


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