Friday, 7 February 2014

Kelly Hoppen

If you have ever watched and drooled over the homes transformed by Kelly Hoppen on the Lifestyle channel then her website will also get those creative juices flowing.
This easy to navigate site is divided into “rooms” making it easy to find what you are looking for or you can simply shop by item.

My favourite section is the Art Of Home, which contains helpful styling tips and short inspirational films.

The website predominately features Kelly’s signature Taupe

 And her love for monochrome rooms.  

So if you prefer a more colourful home perhaps this is not for you. As for me, I love everything about her style and would be happy with anything from her range. 

Her Book Design Masterclass is on my wish list.



  1. LOVE KH! I have her other books and must add this one to the wish list too.

  2. Thanks for the recommendation. It's a perk of blogging to get other's 'finds' to peruse! I prefer them to sponsered posts...because they are definitely genuine! Have a great weekend girls!

  3. Perfect 'staff' meeting ladies! I've started the new school year being super organised in the food department; cleaned the fridge and am making salad boxes for David and j's lunches...dinner is served earlier so the evening is less stressful. I'm not baking muffins (they look yum) but I hope I can stay on top indefinitely...


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