Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Kitchen completed.

My kitchen three years ago in the upstairs section of the original house. 
FINALLY, the splash back has been installed and the bulkhead in my kitchen has been painted. My kitchen has taken a whopping four months to complete. I had almost lost all interest and even hope of it ever being finished.

My new kitchen and meals area in the new extension downstairs.

To cut a long story short, Freedom Kitchens delivered the wrong doors. Yes that's right, the wrong doors!?! 

By the time the error had been acknowledged and then processed, it was almost Christmas.  Delays meant I had lost my turn in the long queue for installation. The holiday break, also meant no splash back could be ordered. 

Grey concrete lights from Beacon
It's now the end of February and I can finally stand back and enjoy the view.
Looking back at the renovation as a whole, I have to say that it was the kitchen that caused us the most concern and heartache. You may remember the dilemma of having to actually relocate the kitchen and come up with a new design!?! 

Tap from Methven
Bench top from Silestone Colour : Lyra
Overall, it's not what I had originally planned but its simple design means lots of space and functionality and I do love the white, of course! 

Brilliant white glass splash back from Deco glaze.
You may have noticed that I chose not to have a range hood due to the height above the cooktop.I much prefer the minimalist look.

 High gloss white cabinetry with dura edge from Freedom Kitchens.  No handles… love it!

Cooking and entertaining is sheer pleasure now. Watch out Something Scrumptious!!


  1. G!!

    The new kitchen is spectacular!

    SSG xxx

  2. Worth the wait- looks fantastic!!!


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